Hej, I’m Stefan

I’m interested in everything technology, web, design and photography related.

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I am a Switzerland based Technology, Travel and Photography enthusiast.

If you are looking for support, management, development or consulting for your IT project, you are at the right place.

As Business Information Engineer, I not only see the technical side of a project, but also the business side.


Who I am and what I’ve done?

What do you plan?

Whatever you product or idea you have in mind, my skill set will help you to reach your target.


I’ve stored data in standard SQL Server, powerfull ORACLE RDBMS, open-source mySQL and also document based NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
If your database needs to do heavy lifting, I do PL/SQL and T-SQL development to process the data.


I design responsive websites in with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3.
I develop web applications in Angular/AngularJS, jQuery, ASP.NET, PHP.
If a cms is needed, I’m no stranger to WordPress.


I think about user interfaces and user interaction with hand drawn mockups.
I draw digital artwork with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.


I’m fluent in the .NET framework and its predecessors, so whether its C# VB.NET or VB6 call me in. If web development is needed, I support several flavours: Javascript (Angular), ASP.NET with C#, PHP
On the database side I develop in PL/SQL, ANSI SQL and T-SQL.


I take pictures with a Canon 7D.


I’ve managed IT projects in Standard Waterfall, SCRUM Product Owner, PMI Projectmanagement Professional, Hermes – the Swiss way.
All in all, I’ve almost ten years of experience in managing, planning, supporting and executing IT projects of all sizes.

Any questions left?

What if you have a great idea – but don’t know how to get there?
What if your vision seems to be to fantastic to be ever realised?

Whatever you need or plan, just give me a ping and we will figure out how to get from your idea to a final product.

My thoughts

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